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Swimmer Conduct

In order to ensure a great experience for everyone involved, please indicate your family's agreement to discuss the following and to support the coaches in upholding these expectations.


- We will demonstrate a respectful attitude toward coaches, teammates, opponents, officials and fans.

- We will come to practices and competitions prepared and willing to listen, learn and work hard so that we all have fun and swim fast!

- We will make only constructive and supportive comments to our teammates in practice and competition.

- We will, to put it simply, keep our hands to ourselves and will not use inappropriate or abusive language.


- Parents are expected to use only positive and constructive language in discussions with or about swimmers, officials and coaches.

- Parents are asked to have swimmers on deck and prepared for practice 10 minutes prior to the posted start time.

- Parents are expected to make every effort to volunteer as often as possible. If everyone does just a little more than their part, no one has to do WAY more than their part!

- Parents are NOT to approach meet officials on deck for any reason and are expected to remember that meet officials are volunteers with demanding responsibilities who give their time so our children may swim.

- Parents are expected to bring concerns and issues directly to the coaching staff or team manager for resolution.

- Parents are asked to respect the coaches' need to properly supervise and maintain authority at practices by reserving non-urgent conversations and questions for off-deck.

ALL JBRS TEAM FAMILIES ARE EXPECTED TO MODEL EXCEPTIONAL SPORTSMANSHIP AND BE SUPPORTIVE OF ALL OUR ATHLETES AND COACHES AT ALL TIMES. Our kids learn from our example... please help us build a strong team of kids who love to swim together and who trust their coaches to guide them.

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