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Meet Procedures

Events selection is determined by the coaches based on the swimmers' current abilities and the needs of the team in the meet. While we will not force swimmers to compete in an event, the goal of our training process is to ensure that they are all adequately prepared for whatever race we ask them to swim and in return, we ask that they be willing to try different events outside their "comfort zone" once we feel they're ready. 

Requests and suggestions are acceptable provided they are made with the understanding that there is no binding agreement in place as a result. If you request that your swimmer be placed/not placed in a given event, you may expect that the coach will let you know if that request will be honored as well as the reasons why/why not. Please support the final decision and the reasoning behind it.  

SWIMMERS GET DISQUALIFIED. This is true at EVERY level of competition up to and including the Olympic Trials and the games themselves. It is CRUCIAL that parents help us reinforce this and understand that avoiding events because of a possible DQ is infinitely worse than attempting something new and challenging and building the confidence to do it right the next time. 

Swimmers are expected to arrive prepared to dive in for warmup at their scheduled times. Any changes to scheduled warmup times will be emailed and posted to the website.

Swimmers are expected to be in the bullpen prepared for their races. PLEASE do not add to the bullpen workers' already challenging position by making them chase down your child for a race. It is our (parents') responsibility to keep up with the pace of the meet and ensure that the younger kids are where they need to be.

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