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Sometimes, you say YES in the RSVP and then something happens, and your swimmer won't be able to attend the swim meet. This usually happens when a swimmer gets sick or injured between when you said YES and the date of the meet. If a swimmer is seeded in a meet and then does not swim, this is called a "scratch." If your child needs to scratch from a meet, please email the Team Manager as soon as you are away that he/she will not be swimming in the meet. Additionally, if that swimmer is your only swimmer in the meet, and you will no longer be able to fulfill your volunteer position, please also email the Volunteer Coordinator, Mary Jane Olson, and communicate this with her.

Scratches have the most impact on our relay teams. If your swimmer is seeded in a relay and has to scratch from the meet, we appreciate as much notice as possible so that we can find a replacement swimmer for their relay position. This is why relays often change in the hours leading up to a swim meet.

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