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Relay Teams

Relays teams consist of 4 swimmers in the same age group that compete against other relay teams. There are two types of relays in GCSL swim meets. 

The Medley Relay involves each swimmer on the relay team swimming a different stroke. 

  • Swimmer #1 - backstroke
  • Swimmer #2 - breast
  • Swimmer #3 - butterfly
  • Swimmer #4 - freestyle

The Free Relay involves each swimmer swimming freestyle.

Generally, there will be more Free Relay teams in a meet, because more swimmers are able to swim freestyle. Encouraging your younger swimmers to become proficient in breast and butterfly is a great way to help our swim team put more relay teams in the water!

In relays for 10 and under swimmers, each member of the relay team swims a 25 yard distance which equals a 100 yard event. Relays for 11 and older are 200 yard events, so each swimmer swims a 50 yard distance.

At each swim meet, there is a RELAY BOARD which shows the relay teams for each event. Even if the names of relay team swimmers are printed in the heat sheet, swimmers and parents should still confirm the accuracy of the heat sheet by checking the relay board. Sometimes if a swimmer has pulled out of a meet at the last minute, relay teams have to be changed.

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