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Future Barracudas

We are excited to be continuing our  "Future Barracudas" program this year. This is for all swimmers ages 4 through 7 who are new to swim team and are not yet ready to compete at meets. 

The size of our Future Barracudas group will be capped between 12 and 16 kids, depending on staffing needs. Priority for these slots will be given to existing JBRS families with a Future Barracuda swimmer.

This program will offer swimmers more small group instruction in beginning swimming. Swimmers will be evaluated on the first day of lessons (May 30) and placed in groups according to current ability. Swimmers must be able to swim independently at least 5 feet to join the Future Barracudas. (Dog paddle type swimming is OK!) The Future Barracudas will be able to graduate up to the competition team at any time during the summer when they are ready.

  • Future Barracudas must be fully potty trained, and have turned 4 before January 1, 2024.
  • Future Barracudas must be able to listen to coaches and follow instructions.
  • Future Barracudas who struggle to follow instructions or require an excess of the coach's time for behavior needs may be asked to wait until the following year and then return to the program. There are no refunds, so please be confident in your child's ability to participate.
  • Future Barracudas begin May 28 and will attend lessons Monday-Thursday until June 27.
  • Future Barracudas will be offered during our AM practice sessions only, from 9:30-10:00AM. 
  • Swimmers will be evaluated by the Head Coach weekly to determine if swimmers are ready to move up to the Rapid Barracudas and compete in meets.
  • All Future Barracudas receive a team t-shirt just like the Rapid Barracudas (competition team)!
  • Future Barracudas are listed on our GCSL roster and covered by GCSL insurance in the same manner as Rapid Barracudas.
  • Those swimmers who remain in the Future Barracudas program throughout the summer will have a Mini-Meet on June 27, 2024 (their last day) to celebrate their summer season and experience some of what it is like to be at a swim meet!
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